Designer Spotlight: John Robshaw Textiles

If you have a style in your home that is fun and eclectic, or perhaps you are looking for gorgeous patterns and fun pops of color to bring life to your home design, there is one designer you may just want to check out. John Robshaw Textiles designs are full of life.  With vibrant and unique patterns, and a beautiful palette of colors, the pieces are

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Spring Break: Beach Style 101

Winter days are nearly gone and spring is in the air.  This time of year is a great time to head somewhere warm, grab some shorts and a sleeveless shirt and relax by the beach.  A great time to take a break, and start looking forward to what Summer can bring. The beach with its casual colors and feel makes us feel relaxed and inspired.  A

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Home Design Tip: Inject an Accent Color with Tile

Do you look around the rooms in your home, whether it be a bathroom, kitchen or outdoor living area and realize you need a pop of color? Tile is a great way to integrate an accent color into your home design. Here are some ideas of how to add some color to your rooms. An accent color such as red goes well with a neutral bathroom. 

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Color Inspiration: Frida & Diego in Atlanta

  Designing with bold colors is one of the benefits of living in the South, as all of the sunlight we get flatters bright colors. In this piece, we’ll talk about the current museum exhibit on Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, who have both embraced vibrant colors. The Frida & Diego exhibit is currently running at the High Museum in Atlanta, and it features over 120 paintings

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Spring Redo: How to Refresh Your Room This Spring

If you’re anything like me, then you’re going to schedule an entire day of spring cleaning. So why not take advantage of this spring cleaning to freshen up your home décor as well? Need some tips? Check out a few spring interior design tips that you can use in your home. You don’t have to completely overhaul your home’s design. Instead, just tweak a few things

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Spring Fever: Hot Spring Color Trends

Spring is here and it is time to break out of the winter colors and jump into springs delightfully bright yet soft palette. Now is the time to enjoy the beautiful breezy pastels that blow in Spring. One of these Spring colors that is making us feel happy this year is soft mint green.  A must have for the upcoming spring season.  Also known as sea foam,

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Cheer Up with Colorful Home Decor

Even in New Orleans when we have a cold spell in March, an overcast day can leave us feeling a bit drab and bored.  While a crisp, clear snowy day can sometimes inspire us, once it melts it leaves us with drab browns and greys.  Color in interior design can bring life back to our homes.  Consider adding pops of color to your home decor to

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Fashion Meets Interiors: Trends from Fashion Week NOLA

Fashion Week NOLA was a festival of wonderful colors, patterns, and ideas. Home fashion often follows fashion, and I believe many of the looks we saw on runways will make their ways into fine homes this spring. Here are some trends from Fashion Week NOLA to be on the lookout for: Bold color combinations. Fun, creative color combinations ruled the day. Many of the outfits were quite

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