Reviving Your Porch or Patio with Color

We’re known for our colorful culture, music and art here in New Orleans, so why not bring some of that pizazz onto your porches and patios this summer? Bright colors will revive your outdoor space in time for summer cocktails and social gatherings. To revive your porch or pation with color, try… Waking up with your coffee. The vibrant hue of this Green Landon Coffee Table

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Perk up Your Spaces with Chevron

The perky zigzags of Chevron patterns are making an interior design comeback. Chevrons have been used in indigenous art and textiles for thousands of years. You can perk up your living space using modern twists on this ancient artistic pattern with these ideas. Artistic backgrounds. Use a boldly colored chevron pattern as a background for a recognizable silhouette, such as this one, where a yellow chevron

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Cheer Up Your Home with Polka Dots!

Polka dots never go out of style. They enjoy eras of widespread popularity, such as the 1950s, and eras where they’re less prevalent, but they never fade away entirely. These days I’ve noticed polka dots incorporated into all areas of home design. Walls. You can add colorful or muted dots to wall surfaces. Orderly rows of dots add a more organized pattern, while different sizes and

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Bring in Beauty and Color with Quartz

Besides its durability and eco-friendly properties, Quartz accents are incredibly versatile and offer a wide range of colors that can be incorporated into you home. Here are some examples of how Quartz can bring beauty and color into your home’s interior design: Agate Bookends. Did you know agate is made from Chalcedony, which is in the quartz family? Agate comes in virtually every color imaginable, and

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Make the Most of Small Spaces with these Interior Design Tips

Most people know that a successful interior design is an important factor to making you feel comfortable in your own home. However, sometimes a homeowner will ignore the design of a space because they think it’s too small to matter. This simply  is not true. I can’t stress enough how important the design of every space in your home is. I highly recommend using the following

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Fashion Mavens Use Color at Home

Often, a fashion designer’s personal style is seen not only in their fashion but also in the decor of their home. Here are some great rooms that reflect the design sensibilities of their owners. Kate Spade. The designer’s graphic and colorful look is echoed in her interior, Habitually Chic says. Kate’s interior also shows how well she blends and updates  different styles.     Kenzo. The fashion designer,

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The Theme of Spring High Point is ‘Inspiration’

The Editor at Large reports that the upcoming High Point Market will have a theme of “Inspiration.”  Furniture designers and interior designers alike depend upon inspiration to keep their work fresh. Inspiration also helps keep visitors to High Point motivated when their feet are tired from visiting so many showrooms! Here are some of the inspirations I predict will continue to be big this year: Color. The

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