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How to Decorate with Mirrors

Mirrors are an essential tool in just about every designer’s toolkit. They’re not just for use in bathrooms any more… Here at Susan Currie Design, we incorporate mirrors into so many elements of our designs, some which may come as a surprize to you. We love using mirrors as tabletops! The offer a bright and reflective surface, ideal for showcasing a fantastic work of art or

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Taking the Time to Get Decorating Right

Interior designers are “doers!” We like to take a design idea and run with it.  A good designer listens and helps you plan so you can make the best decisions.  Hasty decisions to satisfy a spontaneous idea can result in pieces of furniture, or painted cabinets, that really aren’t what you wanted. It’s like driving through a fast food window because you’re hungry, and feeling guilty

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Designing Outdoor Space as Inviting as Any Indoor Space

It seems like recently homeowners have finally begun to realize that they can use the space outside of their home just like they use the space inside of their home. Personally, I absolutely love the outdoors. However, it can sometimes be difficult to get outside for longer than ten minutes if there’s no design in place. Designing your outdoor space so that it acts as an

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Cheer Up with Colorful Home Decor

Even in New Orleans when we have a cold spell in March, an overcast day can leave us feeling a bit drab and bored.  While a crisp, clear snowy day can sometimes inspire us, once it melts it leaves us with drab browns and greys.  Color in interior design can bring life back to our homes.  Consider adding pops of color to your home decor to

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5 Ways to Make Use of Your Bedroom Corners

I am always trying to optimize the space that I have in my home. I have found that one of the areas that is often unused are corners. The corners of all rooms, especially the bedrooms, are hidden gems containing plenty of space.There are many ways to use the space that corners provide. Here are five ideas for you to try in your home. Placing a small fireplace in the

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Color Trends According to High Point Market

Last week I was in High Point, North Carolina, experiencing High Point Market. High Point Market, which is one of the world’s premier home furnishings events, typically attracts over 75,000 industry professionals. As an attendee, I had an opportunity to see tens of thousands of new products from over 2,000 exhibitors. As I walked in and out of the showrooms, I began to get a sense

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Fall Fashion Meets Home Decor: Studs

Punk rock has gone mainstream this fall as studs are showing up on everything from shoes to shirts. These rock and roll elements are showing their kinder, more sophisticated side. Here the fashionable Mary-Kate Olsen shows her love of studs in this motorcycle jacket by Givenchy.  We love that runway fashion isn’t always practical and sleeves can be extra long! This fall “Stud it Up!” by

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Summer Trend: White Linen

In anticipation of the Whitney White Linen event tomorrow, we decided to feature some of our favorite white linen furnishings featured in interior spaces. White linen is a great summertime tradition and you can translate this stylish look into your home decor by using white linen fabrics on your sofas and armchairs. This summer go lightweight and incorporate some white linen fabrics into your design scheme.

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Outdoor Décor with Lots of Color

Sure, it’s great to use gorgeous fresh flowers indoors as spring décor, but this is also the perfect time to be decorating outdoors. For designing outdoor areas, think color—and bold color at that! Personally, I love looking to Moises Esquenazi’s work for inspiration. Bright blues, lime, yellow and orange add pops of fun color to this Los Angeles space in his portfolio. And this vignette, also

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Fashion Influence: Menswear Looks in Design

As a continuation of my March series on fashion’s influence on interiors, today I want to look at how common themes in menswear have been popping up in home design lately. When it comes to menswear, pattern is king. Think pinstripes, plaids, houndstooth and herringbone manifested in neutrals and other strong hues. This suit is a perfect example, as are the Brooks Brothers images below it.

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