Outdoor Kitchen Lighting for the Summer

Outdoor dining is one of the ultimate summer experiences, filled with delicious grilled foods, fresh garden veggies and friends. Lighting is an important element in your outdoor living design. In addition to allowing you to see what you’re doing and eating after sunset, your outdoor lighting design can provide the ideal ambiance for late-night conversations and lounge chair cuddling.   Here are tips to ensure your

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Home Design Tip: Inject an Accent Color with Tile

Do you look around the rooms in your home, whether it be a bathroom, kitchen or outdoor living area and realize you need a pop of color? Tile is a great way to integrate an accent color into your home design. Here are some ideas of how to add some color to your rooms. An accent color such as red goes well with a neutral bathroom. 

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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Vintage Lighting

As a New Orleans interior designer, I always like to remind homeowners who are in the midst of planning their home remodeling not to forget about their lighting set up. Planning out the lighting scheme is one of the most important aspects of a successful home design. Recently, I’ve been suggesting the use of vintage lighting. Vintage lighting can add a unique feel to the interior

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Colorful Light Fixtures Spice Up Your Space

People don’t always think about this option, but one great way to add color to a space is with chandeliers and lamps. I’ve come across some beautiful, colorful light fixtures lately that caught my eye. These two Gaspare Asaro chandeliers on 1stdibs, for example, are both sculptural and stunning. Either would easily make a great design focal point. Marjorie Skouras Design’s colorful chandeliers, like this Anabelle

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Proper Lighting Transforms The Mundane Into The Sublime

Setting the mood in your home is important for many different things, the most important being rest and relaxation.  Lighting  can also have a positive or negative effect on our mood. The right kind of lighting can spark a mood of total relaxation and a deep, intense tranquility.  Here’s a look at a lighting system perfectly suited to a tranquil mood: The lighting systems and the

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