Bathroom Shelves Are Space Savers

While we a plethora of of examples of large, sprawling, spa-like bathroom design in magazines and websites, but the reality is most of us have at least one smaller bathroom in our lives. Bathroom storage space is often a premium, which is why shelves can be so handy. They are space savers as well as decorating opportunities for your bathroom. No wall’s too small. Take a

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Wallpaper Back In Vogue

Wallpaper has been making a come back and is in vogue! If you love Pinterest or Houzz, I am sure you are seeing more rooms that feature wallpaper.  So how would you like to use wallpaper to add style to a room? It’s a great way to add color and interest to a bathroom. Here are a few of my tips if to help if you

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Bathroom Design: Making Old Grout Look Amazing

Grout might not be the most glamorous topic related to bathroom design, but it’s important nonetheless. I am amazed how I was able to transform the grout in my Inspiration House bathroom with the help of a simple product. I have to thank Josh Andrews and Bob Andrews with Gilcraft Construction for finding PolyBlend Grout Renew. It changed the dull, worn off-white grout into a wonderful

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