3 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Vintage Lighting

As a New Orleans interior designer, I always like to remind homeowners who are in the midst of planning their home remodeling not to forget about their lighting set up. Planning out the lighting scheme is one of the most important aspects of a successful home design. Recently, I’ve been suggesting the use of vintage lighting. Vintage lighting can add a unique feel to the interior

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All That Glitters Gold

Ring in the holiday season this year with one of my favorite colors– gold. After all, what hue defines glamour more than the color gold? Whether it’s on the runway… Or inside the home… Gold’s timeless beauty will always be in vogue. Take a look at some ways you can incorporate this shimmery metallic color into your homes this winter. This lamp was definitely given the

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Home Trend: Mixing Bright Colors With Neutrals

One trend that we are seeing invading the home is mixing bright colors with neutrals. We’ve seen this look a lot on some of our favorite fashionistas, who have been pairing brightly colored skinny jeans with neutral colored tops. When decorating the home, try adding a pop of color to your otherwise neutral-hued space to add some interest. We love the intensity of pairing brightly colored

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Feathers, Feathers, Everywhere!

Feathers have long been a staple in fashion and home decor, helping to breathe life into a design. This look reminds us of Natalie Portman’s Oscar-winning movie Black Swan. If you plan on using feathers in your home decor there is one thing you must remember. First check to see if the feathers used are legal. Raptor feathers– feathers from owls, eagles, falcons, hawks– are illegal

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Celebrate The Color Pink This October

During the month of October, I wanted to bring to the forefront the struggle that many face in their fight against breast cancer. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and although we should be promoting awareness throughout the entire year, I wanted to honor those who have faced this disease head on and remember those who have lost their battle against this horrible disease. My mom

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Fall Fashion Meets Home Decor: Jewel Tones

Ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, these colors and more are the latest color craze to hit the runway. Couture design labels like Vivienne Tam, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent are showing their love of jewel tones in their latest collections.     These vibrant and rich tones look just as great indoors. Elle Decor’s recently featured the Normandy Chateau of Gerard Tremolet. What better way

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Fall Fashion Meets Home Decor: Studs

Punk rock has gone mainstream this fall as studs are showing up on everything from shoes to shirts. These rock and roll elements are showing their kinder, more sophisticated side. Here the fashionable Mary-Kate Olsen shows her love of studs in this motorcycle jacket by Givenchy.  We love that runway fashion isn’t always practical and sleeves can be extra long! This fall “Stud it Up!” by

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Fall Color: Crimson

Although the Crimson Tide might be our biggest rivals in football, we find ourselves drawn to this deep shade of red. The color crimson has quite a history, during the Elizabethan era crimson was associated with royalty and nobility. Today the color can be found strutting down the runway during New York Fashion Week. Designer Diane Von Furstenberg used this bold shade of red in her Fall

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Fall Fashion Meets Home Decor: Polka Dots

Polka dots are making quite a comeback in today’s fashion. This retro print was pretty popular back in the 1950s and 60s.   And like most great trends, this graphic print seems to be finding it’s way back into the good graces of designers such as Kate Spade, who centered her Fall 2012 Collection around the print.   If New York Fashion Week is any indication,

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The Future is Brightly Neon

Who knew neon would resurface decades later and become one of the hottest trends in both the fashion and interior design world. Certainly not I, who looking back on some of my more colorful neon outfits cringe still to this day. The neon of now is a lot more vibrant and less flashy. Maybe because it is often paired with white or even black, helping to

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