Designing Outdoor Space as Inviting as Any Indoor Space

It seems like recently homeowners have finally begun to realize that they can use the space outside of their home just like they use the space inside of their home. Personally, I absolutely love the outdoors. However, it can sometimes be difficult to get outside for longer than ten minutes if there’s no design in place. Designing your outdoor space so that it acts as an

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Kerri McCaffety’s New Orleans New Elegance

Award-winning photographer Kerri McCaffety’s newly released “New Orleans New Elegance” takes a look inside the city’s “most innovative and iconic interiors in a quest to define the essence of the unique New Orleans style.” From the “grandeur of the Greek revival architecture” to an “infusion of contemporary energy,” McCaffety captures the essence of New Orleans beautifully through the lens of her camera. For those of you

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