3 Great Color Schemes with Teal

The beautiful blue-green teal is a very versatile color that goes well with a number of other hues. I think there’s an array of great color schemes involving teal, including my three favorite: teal and gray; teal and yellow; and teal and violet. Take a look below for a beautiful example of each of these palettes!

Teal and Gray
Teal makes a tremendous statement set against the neutral gray sofa in this photo I saw on House of Turquoise.

Teal and Yellow
Teal and yellow both pop in this beautiful bedroom from Houzz.

Teal and Violet
This whimsical living space on Houzz is brought to life with the combination of teal and violet.

What’s your favorite color to use with teal? Are you interested in bringing teal into your own home design? Be sure to share your thoughts on decorating with teal!

Photos: 1 Style at Home via House of Turquoise; 2 via Houzz; 3 via Houzz

Chic Home Organization Ideas

This month is a big one for home organization since many people made it their New Year’s resolution to get organized. I’ve seen a lot of features in my favorite design blogs and magazines that show home organizational ideas that are chic as they are functional. Here are a few of my favorite:

Clutter can be contained throughout the home in nice containers. Trays work wonders on coffee tables for keeping items together, and newspapers and magazines can be stashed in stylish baskets.

Sometimes more storage space will do the trick. Shelving like this featured in House & Home is a great solution.

Go all out and bring order to your drawers; Martha Stewart shows that teacups make gorgeous drawer organizers.

Hopefully these photos inspired you to find beautiful organizational solutions for your home. Here’s to accomplishing those New Year’s resolutions and getting everything in order!

Photos: 1 via Traditional Home; 2 via House & Home; 3 via MarthaStewart.com

Cozy Interior Design with Sepia

Dreary weather during the winter makes it important to bring warm tones into interior design for added coziness. Lately I’ve been loving the look of sepia combined with other colors like red, orange, green and blue, and I think these combinations are great for this cold time of year. Here are a few beautiful examples:

Real Simple did a great slideshow on cozy decorating, and this space from the magazine shows sepia with reds, oranges and blues.

Sepia looks great with the turquoise and other neutrals in this sleek hotel lobby.

And here’s a room from my own portfolio. Sepia walls warm up this bath and look crisp surrounded by white molding.

So now I’m wondering: What do you think of these sepia color palettes? Leave a comment to share!

Photos: 1 via Real Simple; 2 unknown; 3 Interior design by Susan Currie Design

Celebrate the Opening of My Inspiration House Design

Recently I’ve been sharing updates on the blog about my bathroom design for the 2012 Inspiration House in Atlanta, a part of the Cathedral Antiques Show. With the Inspiration House premiere party and tours coming up so soon, I want to invite you to celebrate the opening of my blue bird inspired bath design.

For more details, visit the Cathedral Antiques Show website or email info@susancurriedesign.com.

Bathroom Design: Making Old Grout Look Amazing

Grout might not be the most glamorous topic related to bathroom design, but it’s important nonetheless. I am amazed how I was able to transform the grout in my Inspiration House bathroom with the help of a simple product. I have to thank Josh Andrews and Bob Andrews with Gilcraft Construction for finding PolyBlend Grout Renew. It changed the dull, worn off-white grout into a wonderful warm grey. The contrast with the original ’80s tile that’s back in style transformed old and worn into fantastic! Check out the before and after…

BEFORE:AFTER:This is a simple solution for anyone who is renovating a room with grout that may be stained and won’t clean up well after using grout cleaner.

Don’t forget to visit the Inspiration House later this month or in early February to see my whole bathroom design put together!

Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2012

Wallpaper is expected to increase in popularity this year.

Right now we’re not only in the beginning of a new month, but also in the beginning of a new year. What better time to look ahead to the interior design trends expected to be big in 2012? MSN’s Glo did a great piece featuring “What’s Hot in 2012” in terms of home decorating. Here are a few of the most noteworthy trends they mention:

  • Wallpaper started getting popular again last year. This year, the trend will be even more pervasive, as wallpaper will be seen covering bigger areas.
  • Vintage pieces could be really popular this year.
  • Nature-inspired furniture and accessories are melding with contemporary style.

Visit the MSN Glo website to learn more about all the major interior design trends for this year. Which would you most like to see in your own home design scheme? Leave a comment to share!

Image: House Beautiful via Pinterest

Best Spaces with 2012’s Color of the Year

Have you heard that Pantone named Tangerine Tango its 2012 Color of the Year? Since this bold orange hue is one that many people tend to be afraid to use in interior design, I want to show a few spaces that incorporate the color beautifully.

When I think about tangerine, I dream about other places where this color is an important part of the culture. I adore Moroccan architecture and would love to walk down this corridor to gain inspiration. Doesn’t it make you feel good?

Orange is great for getting your creative juices flowing, so it’s the perfect color for your home office or workspace.

Tangerine is also tied to happiness, so if you’re feeling low, try bringing more orange into your surroundings.

While I love Moroccan design, as I mentioned above, there are plenty of other places where tangerine can brighten a space. Let’s dream about how we can use it in 2012!

Photos: 1 iStock; 2 via Better Homes and Gardens; 3 via luxuryd3sign

A Mural Adds Spectacular Color and Interest to a Room

A mural is a creative way to add color and decorative interest to any room, and I’m happily including one in my Inspiration House room that’s set to open on Jan. 28.

Finding the right decorative painter can be a fun process, and many interior designers have a list of muralists they’ve worked with. As a designer I work with my clients to understand what they want to achieve conceptually. Then the process turns to working closely with the artist on sketches and boards that can give the client an idea of how the mural will take shape.

I selected Stephen Byrd, a talented muralist in Atlanta, to work with me on my Inspiration House design. He took my concept drawings and translated them wonderfully onto the walls. Most of the other finishes in the bath are neutral, so I added color with the spectacular mural, a colorful vanity refinished by Mark Davis, and a beautiful blue shower curtain.

But the mural is the element that ties all the finishes together. Here’s a little sneak peak, but you must come to the Inspiration House to see the final results!

I look forward to talking to you all when you tour the house. I can only give you little hints of what it will look like, but you’re going to be amazed!