Complementary Color Schemes for Home Design

If you read my blog, then you probably know I like to think about how colors will work together in interior design. Complementary colors, which are opposite hues on the color wheel, are always interesting to use together in a space because they provide great, often dramatic contrast for one another.

Two complementary color combinations I especially love are blue-green and red-orange, as well as violet and yellow. These rooms showcase the palettes perfectly:

Look at the turquoise walls with burnt orange chairs and accents in this kitchen!

Here, a much softer aqua is paired with orange tulips for an equally beautiful look.

In this living area, purple décor looks stunning against a backdrop of buttery yellow walls.

What do you think of using complementary color combinations in home design? Which pair of complementary hues do you love most? Leave a comment to share!

Images via Houzz, as linked above

Decorating with Timeless Neutral Tones

Spring is a natural time for homeowners to refresh their space, from quick updates like changing hardware or lighting to full-on room makeovers, complete with a revamped color palette and new furnishings.

A color scheme doesn’t have to be bright to look fabulous. If you’re thinking about refreshing your space, there’s a great video on on “Freshening Up Your Home for Spring” that shows a wonderful master bedroom transformation. Although the room starts out with pink walls, outdated florals and heavy traditional furniture, HGTV’s Sarah Richardson shows how she layered beautiful neutral tones with texture and style for a gorgeous, updated master retreat. As Sarah explains in the video, neutrals aren’t necessarily dull. She wants people to see that “neutral is natural, and natural can be beautiful”—and I couldn’t agree more!

Visit to watch the video and see what timeless neutrals can do for your home!

Image: HGTV

My Dressing Room Design: Before & After

I recently moved into an older home and gained space with the move, which was a big plus!  Since it’s an older home, I decided to repurpose one of the small bedrooms to make it more functional. I took a room the landlord called a “third bedroom” and turned it into my dressing room. It’s next to the master bedroom and a bathroom, so it was the perfect solution for this designer with lots of clothes!

Check out the before pictures…

And check out the transformation!

You may be wondering what the best color is for a dressing room or closet design. I always suggest a neutral so you don’t have to worry about the closet wall color if you decide to change your bedroom wall color. A neutral will also work well with many closet systems.

Now, if you’re thinking about a closet makeover, please let me know. I’d love to help you with a closet system like the one I’ve installed. The investment is well worth it because the organization will help speed the time you spend getting ready in the morning. There’s nothing like being able to organize your clothes, jewelry, belts, hats and scarves! Even my dog Mika has a place to hang out when I’m getting ready in the morning!

Draperies Add Color, Drama and Texture

Draperies are a wonderful design accessory because they can serve a number of functions, like adding color, drama or texture to a room. I recently moved into a new apartment which neutral walls and guess how I am planning to add all these design elements.  That’s right with some gorgeous aubergine silk draperies.  I can’t wait to share the before and after pictures with you!  And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ve compiled some great photos of draperies that complete the look of a space.

These drapes have a dramatic pop of yellow on the edges, drawing color from the sunny throw pillows and chairs in the seating area.

These drapes bring an unexpected and dramatic touch to this office area.

Draperies behind this headboard offer great drama and texture.

These drapes bring in sheen for extra visual interest.

What do you think of using drapes to make a room more interesting? Do you have colorful and dramatic drapes in your home?

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Images via Houzz, as linked above

Great Wallpaper Patterns Perfect for Spring

Wallpaper has been coming back in vogue in interior design, and there are some great modern patterns available. Forget the outdated papers of the past—these statement-making wallcoverings are fabulously fresh and colorful enough for spring.

Schumacher’s April Collection offers dazzling combinations of turquoise, peacock and navy blue.

I love this subtle yet sunny color for Crivelli Rose, a pattern from Farrow & Ball’s recent Broccato Papers.

I mentioned raspberry would be a popular hue this year, and it’s certainly looking pretty as part of the Anis design from Graham & Brown.

The Cole & Son paper Coleridge looks beautiful in blue and green.

If four walls are too much for you, consider wallpaper for a single accent wall or even the backing of a bookshelf or china cabinet.

What are your thoughts on these wallpaper patterns? Leave a comment to let me know!

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Outdoor Décor with Lots of Color

Sure, it’s great to use gorgeous fresh flowers indoors as spring décor, but this is also the perfect time to be decorating outdoors. For designing outdoor areas, think color—and bold color at that!

Personally, I love looking to Moises Esquenazi’s work for inspiration. Bright blues, lime, yellow and orange add pops of fun color to this Los Angeles space in his portfolio.

And this vignette, also designed by Moises Esquenazi, shows the perfect place for lounging under the sun.

Much closer to home, I designed this space for the Sugarloaf Outdoor Living Tour. Place settings with pink, tangerine and indigo could easily be translated to your own outdoor dining table.

These striking Trina Turk Outdoor Pillows from Horchow would dress up a lounge chair or wicker loveseat.

Or if you’re looking for the perfect furniture for your porch, these colorful chairs by John Kelly are my top pick.

How have you started decorating your outdoor space?

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Use Gorgeous Fresh Flowers as Spring Décor

One of the simplest things you can look to for seasonal décor is a beautiful flower arrangement. Bringing nature indoors is great any time of year, but it seems especially fitting for spring.

In this design I did for an Emory residence, a potted plant with pink blossoms adds flair on a tray on the ottoman.

For more springtime inspiration, I’ve compiled some gorgeous flower arrangement ideas. Look at this eye candy:

These peach and coral blooms bring uplifting color to this arrangement of accessories. 

A vase of tulips would make a great accent in nearly any room in the house.

This purple, white and green arrangement goes nicely with a white beadboard backdrop. 

Pretty fresh flowers are perfect to use as spring decor. Which kinds of flowers do you love to decorate with? Leave a comment to let me know!

Images: 1 Interior design by Susan Currie Design; 2 via Design Sponge; 3 via Martha Stewart; 4 via

Trends, Ideas and Tips for National Decorating Month

Learn more about color blocking by clicking this photo.

Happy April! As an interior designer, I’m excited that this month is National Decorating Month—and especially since it comes in line with spring, a great time to refresh home design with little facelifts here and there. For those of you interested in sprucing up your home for National Decorating Month, you’re in luck—I’ve gathered together some helpful posts from 64 in the Box on design trends, ideas and tips to help get your creative juices flowing. Enjoy!

I hope you found these posts especially inspiring! How are you going to update your home décor this April? Leave a comment to let me know—I’d be happy to hear from you.

Image: Designers Guild via Creative Influences