Home Trend: Mixing Bright Colors With Neutrals

One trend that we are seeing invading the home is mixing bright colors with neutrals.

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We’ve seen this look a lot on some of our favorite fashionistas, who have been pairing brightly colored skinny jeans with neutral colored tops.

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When decorating the home, try adding a pop of color to your otherwise neutral-hued space to add some interest. We love the intensity of pairing brightly colored furnishings with a neutral backdrop.

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Create a statement with a brightly colored accent wall, or in this case, bookshelf.

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Painting the ceiling a bright, bold color will have a similar affect on the room.

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Another great way to bring some color into your room is through your pillows and ottomans. These pieces are interchangeable in case you want to tone down the design at a later date.

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This fall brighten up your living spaces by incorporating bright colors with neutrals. Just take a pick from one of many bright colors found in the box of crayons.

Color Trends According to High Point Market

Last week I was in High Point, North Carolina, experiencing High Point Market. High Point Market, which is one of the world’s premier home furnishings events, typically attracts over 75,000 industry professionals. As an attendee, I had an opportunity to see tens of thousands of new products from over 2,000 exhibitors.

As I walked in and out of the showrooms, I began to get a sense of what colors will be trending this spring and summer. Four colors that I saw a lot of at Market was Tangerine, Green, Turquoise, Plum and Navy.

Tangerine orange was the “it” color for 2012, according to Pantone. And from the looks of Market, it appears this color will be around well into 2013.

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Green is always a popular color during springtime. It’s the color of nature and symbolizes rebirth.

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I love the color turquoise. It always reminds me of the color of the Caribbean.

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Plum, a hot color for fall appears to be sticking around well into spring.

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The last hue that I saw a lot of at Market was navy. This classic color is always fashionable.

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Which of these colors are your favorites?

Spice It Up With Color

Recently I stayed with friend and fellow interior designer Michelle Nettles, as I headed to High Point, North Carolina for Market Week. Michelle, like me, has a love of color and recently updated her guest room. I loved what she did with the room and considered moving in.

Michelle used the 80/20 rule when decorating her guest room. 80 percent of the room was done in neutral while 20 percent was in color. This creates a nice balance in the space. The pillows also followed the 80/20 rule with a great mix of neutrals, orange spice and hot pink. Loved the use of scale and pattern – organic and geometric.

Remember the 80/20 rule next time you decide to mix color into your space.

Which White?

Have you noticed that there are warm and cool tones when you look at the spectrum of whites? Warm whites have a creamy or beige tone because they have some red and yellow in them. Cool whites are grey in tone and work well with blues and greens.
If you want a more stimulating room, pick a warm white, perfect for rooms where you entertain.
Want calm, cool is the route to go.  Soft grey tones may help focus your thoughts or calm your emotions. Perfect for a bedroom.
To find the right shade of white for interiors think about the style of your home. The warmer tones mix well with a more traditional setting. As for a contemporary space? Think cool. Sherwin Williams recently released a great paint deck, Whites Warm & Cool, that shows off their array of whites.
Want to know which white to select to complement the colors in your room? Give me a call at 888-624-1272.

Feathers, Feathers, Everywhere!

Feathers have long been a staple in fashion and home decor, helping to breathe life into a design.

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This look reminds us of Natalie Portman’s Oscar-winning movie Black Swan.

If you plan on using feathers in your home decor there is one thing you must remember. First check to see if the feathers used are legal. Raptor feathers– feathers from owls, eagles, falcons, hawks– are illegal to own, even if you happen to come across it naturally.

Once the legality of the feathers have been determined, it is time to explore your wild side with some of these feathered designs.

We love these fair feathered lights featured on Apartment Therapy.

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Photo via Apartment Therapy

Worried about all the falling feathers? Try a feather motif like this bedding from West Elm.

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Or this wallpaper.

What do you think of this look?

Celebrate The Color Pink This October

During the month of October, I wanted to bring to the forefront the struggle that many face in their fight against breast cancer. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and although we should be promoting awareness throughout the entire year, I wanted to honor those who have faced this disease head on and remember those who have lost their battle against this horrible disease. My mom is a breast cancer survivor and I have many friends who have bravely fought for their survival.

The color pink has become synonymous with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so today I wanted to feature some pink interior spaces that have inspired me.

I love seeing punches of pink in home interiors.

Here the pink accents offer a touch of femininity in an otherwise masculine space.

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Pink is just one of the many colors featured in this striped stair runner.

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The pink flowers and fabric really create a sense of romance in this space.

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Nothing creates interest quite like a pop of magenta, especially against such a neutral backdrop.

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For more information on National Breast Cancer Awareness Month visit their website at nbcam.org.

Fall Fashion Meets Home Decor: Jewel Tones

Ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, these colors and more are the latest color craze to hit the runway. Couture design labels like Vivienne Tam, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent are showing their love of jewel tones in their latest collections.

Vivienne Tam Spring/Summer 2012. Photo via Examiner


Gucci Fall 2012. Photo via Print and Pattern


Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2012. Photo via Print and Pattern

These vibrant and rich tones look just as great indoors. Elle Decor’s recently featured the Normandy Chateau of Gerard Tremolet. What better way to show how fashion influences home design than by showcasing the beautiful home of Tremolet, who spent 30 years working alongside some of the top fashion designers in Paris. Here Gerard beautifully incorporates bright, bold jewel tones into all aspects of his home.

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Photo via Elle Decor

I love the opulence found in Gerard Tremolet’s Normandy chateau. He is not afraid of color!
This fall bring some sparkle into your home by incorporating some jewel tones into your living spaces.