Designing Outdoor Space as Inviting as Any Indoor Space

It seems like recently homeowners have finally begun to realize that they can use the space outside of their home just like they use the space inside of their home. Personally, I absolutely love the outdoors. However, it can sometimes be difficult to get outside for longer than ten minutes if there’s no design in place. Designing your outdoor space so that it acts as an extension of your home will not only make it more comfortable, it will help draw people outside.



The Labyrinth Garden via The Labyrinth Garden


One of the most important facets of designing outdoor spaces is making sure that the space is used appropriately. This means that if you only have a small deck to work with, don’t try to introduce too much in the way of furniture.


Sun Room

Susan Currie Design


Those of you with larger outdoor spaces can introduce more elements. Organizing your seating around a water feature or a fire pit can help add charm to the area. Many homeowners are even introducing kitchen elements, such as outdoor countertops and refrigerators to complement their grill.



Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen via HOUZZ


I love the new colors that are being offered by Jordan Brown Outdoor Kitchens who recently announced a licensing partnership with Danver Outdoor Kitchens.  Danver was showing us the vibrant range of colors available at KBIS this last weekend in New Orleans.

Some of the Brown Jordan colors available at KBIS 2013.

Some of the Brown Jordan colors available at KBIS 2013.


Just be sure not to add these elements to your outdoor space haphazardly. You should plan the space just like you plan your interior design.

To find out more about designing outdoor spaces as well as all other aspects of interior design for your New Orleans home, please contact me online at Susan Currie Design.

The Eastlake Style Home

When designing outdoor spaces, consider the curb appeal of your home. In addition to an attractive landscape design and flowers that add color for all seasons,  a well-decorated exterior is part of your outdoor design. If you are looking for a home that is sure to draw a gaze, consider the beautiful Eastlake style.

Eastlake Style Home Famed architect Charles Eastlake wrote Hints on Household Style. Though Eastlake was British, the book was published in Boston. Taking on his namesake, the Eastlake style home was born. These homes feature extensive millwork and colorful designs.

Eastlake Style home 2

If you are aspiring to own an Eastlake style right here in New Orleans, here are a few features to look for:

  • Tall windows. Tall windows are characteristic of the Eastlake style. Not only do the windows draw attention to the home itself, but they also provide great lighting and a beautiful architectural feature to enhance your decor.
  • Millwork. The plethora of balusters, corner brackets and spindles used in the Eastlake style are evidence of its creative use of millwork.
  • Shutters. Equally large shutters are visible on the Eastlake home’s tall windows.
  • Color. There are no rules for color in an Eastlake home. The colorful wood decor is among the most prominent features of the Eastlake home.

Would you like more tips for designing your home’s outdoor spaces including helping select paint colors? Contact Susan Currie Design in New Orleans at 888-624-1272.

Trend Alert: Cameos and Silhouettes Make an Appearance in the Home

Silhouettes are making a back-to-the-future comeback when it comes to interior design trends. Traditionally, silhouettes are made by tracing the outline of a scene, or a person’s profile, and then cutting it out on black card stock. When framed, the detailed outlines create touching, and remarkably identifiable portraits of sorts.

Whether you choose to use them as a cameo, or frame them independently, cameo and silhouette home decor is a sentimental way to decorate your home.  If  you decide to, you can go the traditional route or add contemporary silhouette twists.

  • Traditional. Ask your grandmother and you may find she has some silhouettes of the family tucked away in the attic, or you can always make your own silhouettes to frame and hang.silhouette on bedroom wall
  • Whimsical. Paint a faux-silhouette on the wall, mimicking a non-existent piece of furniture for a whimsical, colorful addition to a room.whimsical silhouette
  • Artistic. You can create an artistic stencil-like silhouette, like a branch of a tree, or a floral design. Try using a different color or two in one or two spots for an eye-catching contrast.stencil silhouette
  • Children’s rooms. It’s easy to create colorful animal- and object-inspired silhouettes as central design accents in a child’s bedroom.silhouette in a child's room

Contact Susan Currie Design for more ideas on adding cameo and silhouette home decor into your New Orleans home.

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“Evolve” KBIS 2013

KBIS 2013

Photo via

We love getting out to see new ideas for kitchen and bath design.  We’re taking advantage of the KBIS “Evolve” event this weekend, April 19th through the 21st, in New Orleans. KBIS stands for the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show and it’s something no interior designer should miss.

We’re experiencing interactive showcases of everything innovative and exciting in the kitchen and bath design world including:

  • First time exhibitions for the hottest kitchen and bath trends/products.
  • Expert presentations and speeches from kitchen/bath design and industry professionals.
  • The latest information on energy- and water efficient features for green building and design.
  • The Best of KBIS – Can’t make up your mind between specific products and/or manufacturers? The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show has selected the best of the best for you, and they will all be located under one roof.

It’s exciting to have the best of the industry in New Orleans and we can’t wait to share new trends and design ideas with our clients? If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, please think about calling us at  Susan Currie to help with planning your project!

Your Guide to Kitchen Window Treatments

Window treatments inject more style into your home’s interior design, especially in the kitchen. The following kitchen window treatments could be just what your kitchen needs to add a bit more style to the space’s design.

  • Cornice –The great thing about a cornice is that it won’t block any natural light. It’s main purpose is to add architectural interest. It also helps make your ceilings look higher, giving the kitchen the feeling of additional space.

    kitchen with cornice window treatments

    Claudia E. Kazachinsky via

  • Valance – A valance is similar to a cornice in that it acts more as a decoration than a shade. However, it has the feel of a curtain since it tends to contain folds in the fabric, it just happens to be much shorter than one. A valance will go a long way to adding visual balance to the kitchen.

    kitchen with valance

    Duckham Architecture & Interiors via

  • Roman Shade – Roman shades are a fantastic option due to the fact that they don’t clutter up your window space, yet you can draw them all the way down to block light if you need to. This is in addition to the fact that they come in almost limitless patterns and colors to compliment your kitchen’s design with.

    Roman Shade Susan Currie

    Susan Currie Design

For more advice on kitchen window treatments as well as additional interior design solutions for your Atlanta or New Orleans home, contact me online at Susan Currie Design.

Painted Cabinetry Adds Color and Life to Your Kitchen

Have you ever taken a long look at your kitchen and noticed the proportions of the various features? You will  notice that the cabinets occupy over half the total area. This means good things for you if you are looking to make a change in your kitchen design.

green kitchen cabinets

Arizona Designs Kitchens and Baths via

The flat surfaces provide a great canvas that can be used to make dramatic or more subtle statements. But why stop at staining?

blue stove and island


You can mix and match paints and colorful appliances to create the perfect cooking retreat for you and your family. You also have the option of making a truly unique room by utilizing all of the surface spaces, this includes, walls, cabinets, appliances, countertops, tiling and flooring.

painted and stained cabinets


Many people feel that painting cabinets will distract from the primary theme of a kitchen however, by blending painted cabinets and stained cabinets the decor becomes a true eye popping sensation. And by utilizing colors, you can create bold illusions or bring attention to your glass faced cabinets.

painted cabinets resembling hutch


You can make your kitchen design just as lively as the foods and conversations that take place there. If you have ideas, or would like to explore your decor options, call Susan Currie Design  at 888-624-1272.