Reviving Your Porch or Patio with Color

We’re known for our colorful culture, music and art here in New Orleans, so why not bring some of that pizazz onto your porches and patios this summer? Bright colors will revive your outdoor space in time for summer cocktails and social gatherings. To revive your porch or pation with color, try…

    • Waking up with your coffee. The vibrant hue of this Green Landon Coffee Table will liven up any patio. Made for outdoor dining and entertaining, the piece is easy to clean and holds up in our humid climate.
    • Colorful plants and planters. Planters, urns, and vases are an easy way to add color inspiration to any space. The Worlds Away Largo Turquoise Indoor Outdoor planter is versatile, and has summertime written all over it. The mirrored accent is a bonus because it makes small patio spaces appear larger.
    • Accent Pillows. Accent pillows are the easiest trick in the designer’s book for adding temporary color. I love these Orange Mum Canvas Pillows, and they work well with the summer color palette.
    • Multi-purpose furnishings. Smaller spaces are served well by multi-purpose furnishings like this Blossom Orange Mini Garden seat, which quickly transforms into a side table or footrest.

Contact Susan Currie Design if you’re interested in reviving the color inspiration in your outdoor spaces.

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Perk up Your Spaces with Chevron

The perky zigzags of Chevron patterns are making an interior design comeback. Chevrons have been used in indigenous art and textiles for thousands of years. You can perk up your living space using modern twists on this ancient artistic pattern with these ideas.

Artistic backgrounds. Use a boldly colored chevron pattern as a background for a recognizable silhouette, such as this one, where a yellow chevron pattern provides the background for a world map. Another creative way to achieve this look is to use a black and white, or gray and white, chevron pattern on a section of wall. Then add a colored bird silhouette and frame it using a similarly painted frame.chevron home accessory

Landscape accents. Look how cheerful this flower box becomes with the simple addition of brightly colored chevron stripes. Consider adding chevron patterns in bright colors to pottery and planters around your yard.chevron flower box

Textiles. Blankets, pillow covers, and bedding are an ideal medium for chevron patterns as they have been woven into fabrics for Millenia. Keep your eye out for bedding or other textiles that incorporate bold chevron patterns. They pair well with bright walls and other bold design accents.chevron couch pillow

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Cheer Up Your Home with Polka Dots!

Polka dots never go out of style. They enjoy eras of widespread popularity, such as the 1950s, and eras where they’re less prevalent, but they never fade away entirely. These days I’ve noticed polka dots incorporated into all areas of home design.

Walls. You can add colorful or muted dots to wall surfaces. Orderly rows of dots add a more organized pattern, while different sizes and colors of randomly placed circles provide a more playful or avant-garde aesthetic.

Floors. From polka-dotted tiles to carpets with dotted patterns, flooring can be a wonderful way to add polka dots to a space. While tiles are certainly more permanent, rugs can be easily stored, moved from room to room, or changed seasonally.

Furniture. Have a chair you would like to refurbish? Consider reupholstering it in a polka-dotted fabric. A bright red or blue will be a cheerful and sunny addition, while a gray, black, or neutral background can maintain a more somber and muted approach.

Curtains. Dress up your windows with a cheerful polka-dotted curtain. When they are tied back, the patterned print adds a nostalgic and merry accent without overpowering a space.polka dot curtains

Interested in adding polka dots to your interior? Contact Susan Currie Design at 1-888-624-1272.

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Bring in Beauty and Color with Quartz

Besides its durability and eco-friendly properties, Quartz accents are incredibly versatile and offer a wide range of colors that can be incorporated into you home. Here are some examples of how Quartz can bring beauty and color into your home’s interior design:

  • Agate Bookends. Did you know agate is made from Chalcedony, which is in the quartz family? Agate comes in virtually every color imaginable, and make wonderful bookends and tabletop accents.agate bookends
  • Speaking of Accents, agate and quartz can be made into lamps, picture frames, jewelry, tabletops and more, as evidenced in a Polished blog about Home Decor Trends. This fabulous quartz table was created by Tish Mills, who just so happens to love quartz and we just can’t get enough of its uniqueness!quartz table by Tish Mills
  • Illuminated Stone. For an especially luminescent lamp, look for a subtly colored base, such as this rose quartz lamp. In addition to being a fascinating work of art, the polished stone and crystal surfaces will reflect and refract light for a magical effect.rose quartz lamp
  • Kitchen Countertops. Quartz countertops are vying with granite in terms of luxury countertop choices. Many of Quartz products are made and produced right here in the USA, such as the Cambria countertop line, which make them local and sustainable. We saw Cambria’s products at KBIS 2013.quartz countertop

If you are interested in adding beauty and color using natural stone products in your New Orleans home, please give Susan Currie Design a call at 888-624-1272.

Image: Polished, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, decorpadhouzz


Make the Most of Small Spaces with these Interior Design Tips

Most people know that a successful interior design is an important factor to making you feel comfortable in your own home. However, sometimes a homeowner will ignore the design of a space because they think it’s too small to matter. This simply  is not true. I can’t stress enough how important the design of every space in your home is. I highly recommend using the following interior design tips to make the most out of your home’s smaller spaces.

  • Light Colors – Avoid using warm, dark colors. These tend to make a room feel more intimate and cozy; however, they also make a room feel much smaller. Use lighter, cooler colors instead to help make the space feel bigger and more open.

    small space light color

  • Multi-Purpose – One way that you can keep a smaller space from seeming too cluttered is by using pieces of furniture that serve double functions.

    multi-purpose furniture

  • Lose the Coffee Table – Coffee tables take up massive amounts of space. Use smaller side tables that you can move around instead.

    living room no coffee table

    Rachel Reider Interiors via

  • Use Outdoor Space – Extend a room, such as a kitchen, outdoors via a deck and divide them with glass sliding doors to make the space seem more open. This is an especially viable option for homeowners in the South, where the warm climate is suitable for outdoor living areas.

    Master Bedroom To Courtyard

If you want interior design tips for your space, contact us at  Susan Currie Design.

Fashion Mavens Use Color at Home

Often, a fashion designer’s personal style is seen not only in their fashion but also in the decor of their home. Here are some great rooms that reflect the design sensibilities of their owners.

  • Kate Spade. The designer’s graphic and colorful look is echoed in her interior, Habitually Chic says. Kate’s interior also shows how well she blends and updates  different styles.
Image via Habitually Chic.

Image via Habitually Chic.


Image via Habitually Chic.


  • Kenzo. The fashion designer, known for mixing colors and bold patterns, is a fan of all colors–especially red. Below, you’ll see a red lacquerware pot sitting on a Jean Dunand deco table in Kenzo’s home. Also a red ensemble by the designer.




Image via Vogue.


  •  Stefano Pilati. Architectural Digest featured the colorful Paris apartment of Ermenegildo Zegna creative director Stefano Pilati.
Image via Architectural Digest.

Image via Architectural Digest.


I’m decorating on my new home in New Orleans so look for future posts about my style. It’s my haven so style and comfort are key. Stay tuned…

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The Theme of Spring High Point is ‘Inspiration’

The Editor at Large reports that the upcoming High Point Market will have a theme of “Inspiration.”  Furniture designers and interior designers alike depend upon inspiration to keep their work fresh. Inspiration also helps keep visitors to High Point motivated when their feet are tired from visiting so many showrooms!

Here are some of the inspirations I predict will continue to be big this year:

  • Color. The High Point brochure was filled with color, and for good reason. Color offers homeowners the opportunity to infuse their spaces with their own energy and personality. Plus, a colored pillow or upholstered stool is an easy way to refresh a space!

Image via Surya.


  • Eco. Reclaimed woods add character and appeal to active, casual lifestyles. There are also more innovative and energy-friendly LED light fixtures on the market than ever before.
Image via Shutterstock

Image via Shutterstock


  • Outdoor fabrics. Durable and water-resistant outdoor fabrics are great for families and for indoor-outdoor living.


Image via Kravet.

Image via Kravet Soleil.


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