Filling Out Empty Corners

Have you ever thought what do I do with this corner in my home?  A corner can cause a hiccup for home designers and in a small space, corners can seem even more daunting because there isn’t enough room to place a piece of furniture with a standing plant or lamp behind it.

This article has great tips for filling empty room corners with style, even in a small space.

house plant

Source: Houzz

Plants. Tall house plants are a simple way to fill corners. An attractive pot, a bag of potting soil, and weekly to bi-weekly watering are all you need to keep most house plants thriving.

dining room

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Corner shelves. There are so many different types of shelves or cabinets, designed to fit snugly into a square corner. Some are designed to be highly functional such as a pantry, china or linen cabinet. Other corner shelves can be used as a combination of function and artistry, like this cheerfully painted pyramid-style unit.


Source: Houzz

Reading nook. A chair and a small table are all that you need to create a sweet little reading nook. You can also keep your eye out for a corner table or desk to transform a corner into a small working space.

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Add Greenery to Your Decor

In an era where “green design” is all the rage, why not decorate with one of the most green materials on the planet – live plants? Decorating with plants is a refreshing way to bring living energy into your space.

Here are ideas, courtesy of and

hanging plants

Source: Houzz

Hanging plants. Porches aren’t the only spaces that benefit from hanging plants. Plants can provide a  boundary between interior spaces. That’s an especially beneficial technique for small studio or loft designs. They can also add an indoor/outdoor feel to breakfast nook.

wall plants

Source: Decoist

Wall plants. Look what a clever, artistic arrangement can be made using vessels designed as wall hangings. I often see this in backyards and patios, but how lovely it is to see it in a room with ample natural light.

house plants

Source: Decoist

Make your space a terrarium. Terrariums are a miniature eco-systems unto themselves. You can create your own terrarium effect by decorating with plants of all shapes and sizes, trees, vines, blooming plants and succulents. Or you can plant a real terrarium for an interesting and magical world of your own.

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Chic Outdoor Rugs for a Stylish Outdoor Room

Remember when patios were an afterthought, comprised of a few chairs, a table, and a lounger? Staycation trends and a revived interest in natural living have placed a renewed emphasis on designing outdoor spaces that are extensions of comfortable and attractive interior living spaces.

One way to add an extra element of style and comfort to a patio or deck is to incorporate a chic outdoor rug.

Outdoor room with Rug

  • Rugs to save the world. Many of the best rugs for outdoor life incorporate recycled materials that can stand the test of time, weather, and sun exposure. One example is the Chatham rug for Safavieh. The hand-woven 4×6 rug uses yarn made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It is both weather- and stain-resistant. Safavieh-Chatham2
  • Beach front patio. FLOR’s Elemental Stripe is actually an arrangement of carpet tiles that can be arranged according to your space. They are inspired by the colorful patterns found on beach towels. The weave is loose and low pile which makes it easy on the feet and keeps maintenance to a minimum. Best of all, the tiles can be recycled once they have served their purpose. FLOR-Elemental-Stripe rug

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Images: Elle Decor