Unexpected Places to Display Art

Who says art has to hang on the walls? I certainly don’t. It’s always nice to infuse your home decor with a few unexpected twists. I love these ideas for surprising guests with unique artistic displays.Unexpected_Art_Displays_A

Patio art
. If you have an enclosed patio space, or an outdoor location that’s protected from the elements, why not hang some art outdoors? At the very least, a summertime porch can benefit from a burst of unanticipated color.Unexpected_Art_Displays_B

Above the sink. Traditionally, kitchen sinks are located on exterior walls with a view. However, this isn’t always possible in apartments and condominiums. A painting or photograph of a nature scene is a great way to combat the window-less space, and provide the illusion of a window. You can use your own photographs and have them screen-painted on glass cabinet doors as an alternative.Unexpected_Art_Display_C

Utility spaces. There’s no reason why utility spaces have to be drab and function-only destinations. Consider hanging your kids’ art above their cubbies, or hang beautiful pieces where you’ll be folding laundry to infuse work spaces with inspiration. Even a small work space is enhanced by art.Unexpected_Art_Display_D

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Photo Source: Houzz

Blues and Purples Make a Big Splash This Year

While Pantone may have chosen Emerald Green for the 2013 Color of the Year, High Point Market’s Style Report claims, “Blue is the new emerald.” I’m noticing blues and purples everywhere this season and the effects are brilliant. Here are ideas for bringing the new blue and purple color trends into your interior design.

living room

Source: Houzz

Furniture. Different shades of blues work nicely together such as this living room with has a dark, more stately couch and lively blue-infused accent pillows. These regal, purple modular sofas create a modern look with a comfortable ambiance.

purple walls

Source: Houzz

Walls. I always love blue as a wall color choice. My opinion is also backed by 2000 homes in the UK, where surveys report that blue walls are more conducive to a good night’s sleep. Purple is also a soothing shade on a wall, but you want to avoid going too dark in a small space.http://www.houzz.com/photos/160996/Guest-Bedroom-traditional-bedroom-other-metro

Textiles. Whether you choose to use solid colors, or opt for prints, accent pillows are one of the simplest ways to change up the color in your home.http://www.houzz.com/photos/4320253/Hide-Pillow---Hide-Rug--Lucy-contemporary-living-room-austin

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Outdoor Kitchen Lighting for the Summer

outdoor lighting

Outdoor dining is one of the ultimate summer experiences, filled with delicious grilled foods, fresh garden veggies and friends. Lighting is an important element in your outdoor living design. In addition to allowing you to see what you’re doing and eating after sunset, your outdoor lighting design can provide the ideal ambiance for late-night conversations and lounge chair cuddling.

 outdoor lighting

Here are tips to ensure your backyard kitchen is adequately, and safely, illuminated.

  1. Is it safe? Your backyard lighting will be exposed to the elements, which means it needs to be rated for damp and wet locations. If lights are somewhat exposed through an arbor, or trellis, look for outdoor lights with wet ratings. If your patio coverage is substantial, a damp rating should be fine.
  2. Task lighting. Areas where you will be prepping and cooking food should have focused task lighting so chefs can see what they’re doing, and ensure meats are cooked through properly.
  3. Ambiance. Consider a combination of under-cabinet lighting, pendants and vintage fixtures to keep your design varied and interesting.
  4. Extras. Don’t neglect accessories like dimmer switches, motion-sensitive fixtures and ceiling fans for added comfort and safety.

outdoor lighting

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