Creative Window Treatment Ideas to Enhance Your Home

Every once in a while it’s nice to throw out tradition and do things a little differently to spice up your home design. I came across a post on that had some great ideas for unique window treatments. The following are some of my favorite examples.

Swing Arm curtains


Swing arm curtains. I love this idea of swing arm curtains. It works especially well with smaller windows where there really isn’t enough room to really push the curtains to the side, and tying them back is too much trouble. The swinging arm makes it a cinch to “open and close” the curtains.



Intricate panels. Frosted glass is a newer invention for privacy. If you live in an older home and don’t want to sacrifice the historic, clear-glass window panes, an intricate panel will work to provide privacy for a bathroom or bedroom space without sacrificing natural light.

Art hung on the window


Hang art. Do you have so many windows it cuts into your wall space? Why not hang your art right on the windows to enjoy the best of both worlds? Then oversized curtains can be used when privacy is needed.

Let’s have a conversation about creative window treatment ideas we can implement to enhance your New Orleans home.




Ideas for Decorating Your Bathroom

Are you tired of the same old bathroom motif? I love bathroom redesigns because they are usually the only space that can be completely transformed in a single day. Here are some interior design ideas to take your outdated bathroom design and give it an overhaul in less than a weekend.


colorful tropical bathroom

Choose a new color accent. Your bathroom will enjoy a whole new facelift with just a simple color change. Once you’ve chosen a new color scheme, change out your towels, the shower curtain and the rug. Add a few accents and, voila! It’s all brand new.


powder room with decorative tile

Re-do your tile. You don’t have to be a master tile layer to replace some of the tile in your bathroom, especially if its a smaller space. You can purchase pre-fabricated tile sheets with attractive colors, designs, and patterns, to update your countertop or shower area. Even complex mosaics are at your disposal.


bathroom with pattern

Embrace patterns. If you tend to go for solid colors, replace your shower curtain or rugs with patterned versions. Colorful or interesting patterns can breathe new life and energy into the room.

Need a little help executing your interior design ideas? Give me a call. I would love to chat with you.



Nursery Schemes to Suit Any Taste

It’s difficult to choose a favorite interior design project, but I would have to say that few have as much joy and love poured into them as decorating and painting a nursery. There are so many angles you can take, from magical to mellow, from gender-specific to completely neutral.

The following are beautiful nursery designs I thought you could use for inspiration.

Neutral Nursery

Classic. Your new bundle of joy will appreciate a peaceful environment, but it’s the parents and caregivers who spend the most time in the nursery. A classic nursery, using straightforward colors and patterns provides an attractive interior without being too baby-fied.


black and white nursery

Black-and-White. Studies have shown that babies are most visually stimulated by the contrast of black and white, and basic geometric patterns. A nursery that uses black and white will be appreciated by both adults and the baby, and the accent colors can be changed over time.


blue nursery

Colorful. If you know the gender of the baby, you can go traditionally blue or pink, with gender-appropriate accents. Similarly, you can use a range of colors to make a fun space the child will enjoy growing up in.

Please feel free to contact us at Susan Currie Design for assistance designing your nursery.


Color Inspiration for Making Your Bedroom Pop

If the thought of impending winter blues is already getting you down, you may be interested in a little bedroom color inspiration.

I wanted to share three ideas for bedroom color from to get you motivated.

  • Poppy Red + Mink Grey. Poppy Red works well with shades of grey and you can also throw in the occasional saffron accent too. This color combination is sophisticated but also has a fun and cheerful ambiance.
  • Blush Pink + Yellow. This feminine bedroom would be a desirable place to sip tea, relax with a book, or catch up on movies while ensconced in a fluffy down comforter. The blush pink walls are colorful without being bright and the yellow accents are cheerful. The black elements make it modern and prevent it from seeming girlish.
  • Coral Orange + Aqua Blue. The combination of coral orange and aqua blue can take your bedroom in several directions, from floral to artsy to seaside. A neutral backdrop is the key.
And remember, never be afraid to layer colors and patterns. Use this fall to update your bedroom with a new, colorful
palette and you’ll have your own spot of color to retreat to when the perpetual greys of winter settle in.  If you are
looking for more helpful decorating tips, don’t hesitate to contact us today.