3 Great Color Schemes with Teal

The beautiful blue-green teal is a very versatile color that goes well with a number of other hues. I think there’s an array of great color schemes involving teal, including my three favorite: teal and gray; teal and yellow; and teal and violet. Take a look below for a beautiful example of each of these palettes!

Teal and Gray
Teal makes a tremendous statement set against the neutral gray sofa in this photo I saw on House of Turquoise.

Teal and Yellow
Teal and yellow both pop in this beautiful bedroom from Houzz.

Teal and Violet
This whimsical living space on Houzz is brought to life with the combination of teal and violet.

What’s your favorite color to use with teal? Are you interested in bringing teal into your own home design? Be sure to share your thoughts on decorating with teal!

Photos: 1 Style at Home via House of Turquoise; 2 via Houzz; 3 via Houzz

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