5 Design Tips to Elevate your Home Office

Happy January! As we start a new year, we thought it was high time to tackle something that has become a more permanent fixture in our lives: the home office. While many of us thought we would finally return to our offices this year, it looks like we’ll actually be spending even more time working from home! If we’re home for the long haul, we’ve realized that we need a more elevated home office space and are rethinking our interiors. It’s actually at the top of the list for 2022 design trends! 

Since the WFH trend is here to stay, the Susan Currie Design team has put together e a few fancy tips to help you design the office of your dreams! 

  1. Invest in the right chair. By now, a lot of us have figured out that our pretty dining chair may not be the most comfortable chair to spend eight hours in. Find yourself a chair that offers proper lumbar support, has arm rests, and a seat height that allows your thighs to be parallel to the floor. Sitting on a hard chair can be rough on your body; opt for fabric or a resilient mesh for a combination of support and cushion.
  2. Let there be (natural) light. Does your desk get natural light during the workday? Would another part of the room be brighter? Of course, you can supplement with a task lamp but daylight has been associated with improved mood and morale, reduced eye strain, and even heightened productivity. Even with good natural lighting, adding in a task lamp can be very helpful for late afternoon work – we suggest finding something adjustable so it’ll suit a range of tasks and provide high quality light without glare. If you participate in online meetings, also consider adding a ring light, which helps highlight your face rather than the background. They’re affordable, provide a warm light, and are an easy way to help you be more video ready.
  1. Is there a mouse in your house? If you’ve been using a trackpad all this time, invest in a real mouse! It sounds like a small change, but we promise it’ll improve your work speed. You can find a wireless mouse for about $15 at places like Amazon or Office Depot and it only takes about 2 minutes to install.
  2. Office Shelfie. Do you regularly refer to books, catalogs, or printed materials as part of your work? Make room for a shelf nearby to properly house those resources. For a lot of us, a neater workspace promotes greater focus – so do what you can to give everything a proper place. It’ll also make it easier to straighten up at the end of each day.
  3. Create a happier workspace. Lastly, make sure to include a few things that will brighten your mood. Work can be stressful and overwhelming at times, so include a few reminders of how delightful life can be! Maybe it’s an art print that you love on the wall a framed photo of your pet, or your favorite scented candle. Or consider a desk plant – they help reduce stress, improve mood, and clean the air! 

Together, these little upgrades will make a big difference in your everyday work life and will help you create an office that reflects the comfort and design of the rest of your home.

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