5 Questions To Consider When Choosing The Right Color For Your Kitchen



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If you want to love your kitchen, you need splashes of color.  Why?  Because colors add life, warmth and character, and make your home a home and a kitchen dazzle!

The goal of an interior designer is to give the clients the confidence to see what actually works best for their home.  This is why color is such an important component of design.  Surrounding yourself with colors that make you happy is the key to successful interior design–and clients who know what colors make them comfortable have already won the battle.

When thinking about what colors are best in a kitchen, I recommend colors like yellow, orange and red because they are active colors. They promote conversation and help increase the appetite.

Here are five great questions to consider when choosing the right color for your kitchen:

  1. Is there a color that you love that you would like to use in the kitchen?
  2. How will the color your considering enhance the finish of the cabinetry?
  3. Is there a color in the backspash tile or countertop material that could be used for the wall color?
  4. Will the color in the kitchen need to blend with adjoining rooms?
  5. How will the color add warmth and interest to the space so you and your guests will enjoy congregating in your fabulous kitchen?

These are all simple questions, and asking them will help you determine the final color for your kitchen.  You’ll eliminate unnecessary colors, and choose the one that pops most for your kitchen and your home.



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