5 Ways to Make Use of Your Bedroom Corners

I am always trying to optimize the space that I have in my home. I have found that one of the areas that is often unused are corners. The corners of all rooms, especially the bedrooms, are hidden gems containing plenty of space.There are many ways to use the space that corners provide. Here are five ideas for you to try in your home.


  1. Placing a small fireplace in the corner creates the atmosphere that I desire while saving valuable wall space for dressers and other furniture.
  2. Using an L-shaped bookshelf provides the valuable storage and display space that small rooms often need.
  3. Consider using a corner desk or dressing table. It keeps the work or dressing space separate from the rest of the room.
  4. Create a reading nook. This is not only perfect for adults but is also ideal in a child’s room.
  5. Speaking of a child’s room, placing two twin beds in an L with a shared nightstand in the corner, creates the perfect space for two children in a small bedroom. It also leaves plenty of floor space for play.

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Source: houzz