A Look Inside the World of Bond, James, Bond

Today the latest Bond film, Skyfall, opens in theaters across the country. For 50 years, 007 agent James Bond has shown his allegiance to the Queen of England all while looking dashing and breaking hearts. While the gadgets and the actors playing the role of the James Bond captivated me throughout the years, it was the settings that really stopped by heart.

I want to look back on the 50 years of Bond and showcase my favorite scene-stealer, the decor.

I love this wallpaper almost as much as I love Sean Connery, the original Bond, from movie From Russia With Love (1963).

Photo via Apartment Therapy

The famous “Elrod House” in Palm Springs, designed by John Lautner, played a key role in the 1971 film, Diamonds Are Forever.

Photo via Design You Trust

This 1974 Bond film, The Man With The Golden GunThis is a featured page, starred Roger Moore, who played the agent in seven films, more than any other actor.

Photo via Man With The Man With The Golden Gun

Another favorite is from the more recent film starring the latest Bond, Daniel Craig, Quantum of Solace (2008).

Photo via CKY Design

Which film is your favorite?