A Mural Adds Spectacular Color and Interest to a Room

A mural is a creative way to add color and decorative interest to any room, and I’m happily including one in my Inspiration House room that’s set to open on Jan. 28.

Finding the right decorative painter can be a fun process, and many interior designers have a list of muralists they’ve worked with. As a designer I work with my clients to understand what they want to achieve conceptually. Then the process turns to working closely with the artist on sketches and boards that can give the client an idea of how the mural will take shape.

I selected Stephen Byrd, a talented muralist in Atlanta, to work with me on my Inspiration House design. He took my concept drawings and translated them wonderfully onto the walls. Most of the other finishes in the bath are neutral, so I added color with the spectacular mural, a colorful vanity refinished by Mark Davis, and a beautiful blue shower curtain.

But the mural is the element that ties all the finishes together. Here’s a little sneak peak, but you must come to the Inspiration House to see the final results!

I look forward to talking to you all when you tour the house. I can only give you little hints of what it will look like, but you’re going to be amazed!