Add a Second Kitchen Island to Perform Double Duty

Kitchen islands have gained popularity in the last twenty-years or so. Homeowners are loving the added appeal they give to their kitchen. Islands have been used not only as a prep space, but as a serving area as well, providing additional space for cooking, preparing, and entertaining.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, it’s all about location, location, location when considering the placement of your kitchen island. If you have a large kitchen, placing two islands parallel to each other can serve as long banquet tables, or one can be used for prepping food, while the other for layout.

Photo via Better Homes and Gardens

If you have a smaller kitchen, one island can be outfitted with a basin so you can wash and prep the food, as well as clean up. The other island can be utilized for layout of food, and is away from the main island to keep from hindering a busy cook.

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