Banish Winter Blues with Color

Do you ever get the winter blues during the colder seasons of the year? I know I do. In fact, it’s not all that uncommon. When the weather grows cold and the sky gets obscured by grey clouds, it can be difficult to feel energetic or motivated. One of the reasons we get the winter blues is because of the lack of sunlight and the lack of color in the sky. This makes everything seem much more dreary. You can help lift your mood by using some of these tips for color in interior design.

  • Red – Red is a very intense color that has been proven to increase blood pressure and raise the heart rate, the perfect color for getting you out of bed. It’s also known for stimulating the appetite. You won’t want to overdo it with the red due to its intensity, but introducing it into your home design for accents will do wonders for those blues.
  • Yellow – Yellow is associated with happiness and optimism, the complete opposite of the winter blues. Like red, it should be used for accents and not in primary color designs.
  • Green – Green is actually considered a cooler color, along the lines of blue. However, unlike blue, lighter shades of green can be relaxing and even induce cheerfulness.

Use these colors in your interior design to help get rid of those pesky winter blues. For more information about using color in the interior design of your home call Susan Currie Design at 888-624-1272 today!

Image: Elle Decor