Bathroom Design: Making Old Grout Look Amazing

Grout might not be the most glamorous topic related to bathroom design, but it’s important nonetheless. I am amazed how I was able to transform the grout in my Inspiration House bathroom with the help of a simple product. I have to thank Josh Andrews and Bob Andrews with Gilcraft Construction for finding PolyBlend Grout Renew. It changed the dull, worn off-white grout into a wonderful warm grey. The contrast with the original ’80s tile that’s back in style transformed old and worn into fantastic! Check out the before and after…

BEFORE:AFTER:This is a simple solution for anyone who is renovating a room with grout that may be stained and won’t clean up well after using grout cleaner.

Don’t forget to visit the Inspiration House later this month or in early February to see my whole bathroom design put together!