Bathroom Shelves Are Space Savers

While we a plethora of of examples of large, sprawling, spa-like bathroom design in magazines and websites, but the reality is most of us have at least one smaller bathroom in our lives. Bathroom storage space is often a premium, which is why shelves can be so handy. They are space savers as well as decorating opportunities for your bathroom.Bathroom_Shelves_A

No wall’s too small. Take a look at blank wall spaces and see if shelving is a good option. Shelving material can be cut to any size, and painted any color, making them a versatile storage option. Even the narrowest shelves can hold an item or two.Bathroom_Shelves_B

Try glass. For a more contemporary look, you can install glass shelves. They are easy to keep clean and work with any color or design, which means they can remain a permanent fixture even as your design tastes and colors change over the years.Bathroom_Shelves_C

By the tub. Hanging shelves along the tub wall is a wonderful way to house candles, bath salts, bubble bath, and provides a place to rest your glass or wine or a book.Bathroom_Shelves_D

If you have a small space that would benefit from space saving tricks, contact me at Susan Currie Design today!

Photo Source: Houzz