Before You Plan Your Space, Remember these Things

Are you contemplating a new look for your home? You might be super excited about your next project, but before you get underway it is important to keep a few things in mind before implementing the master plan. Here are considerations to take into account when it comes to space.

  • Focus on function. The first question you need to ask about any room you plan to revamp is “What are people going to do in it?” For example, will the kitchen be a place for family gatherings or will it also be entertainment central? Are you planning to spend a lot of time in the living room? You need to think about durability, accessibility, comfort and ergonomics over time.
  • Measure, measure, measure. You’ve heard nightmares about people ordering furniture, only for it to look overbearing or underwhelming because it is too big or small for a room. It is critical to avoid making “guesstimates.” So whip out measuring tape and jot down accurate measurements of the entire space so you can make decisions about furniture and features.
  • Ensure continuity. With any home, there should be a natural fluidity in the actual space itself as well as when moving from room to room. Using strategic placement of color, furniture and like materials preserves the overall aesthetic and style.

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