Benefits of Using Color in Interior Design

The name of my blog is “64 in the Box,” so it may not come as a surprise that I enjoy bringing color into interior design. In fact, I’ve found there are a number of benefits of using color in design, including:

  • Color helps set a mood. Color theory shows that we react to colors. For example, yellow invokes joy, and blue is said to be soothing. Plus, including your favorite color is a good way to make you smile.
  • Color adds visual interest. Have you ever read in a magazine or a blog that splashes of color pop in a space? Different hues can demand attention.
  • Color can tie spaces together. One big trend in home design lately is that people want more open spaces. A great palette helps tie different areas of an open space together, making it harmonious and beautiful.

Why do you like using color in interior design?

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