Cheer Up with Colorful Home Decor

Even in New Orleans when we have a cold spell in March, an overcast day can leave us feeling a bit drab and bored.  While a crisp, clear snowy day can sometimes inspire us, once it melts it leaves us with drab browns and greys.  Color in interior design can bring life back to our homes.  Consider adding pops of color to your home decor to draw your eye and cheer your soul.

  • Sunny citrus colors can lift any mood on a cloudy day, consider adding bright wall hooks or dress up your kitchen and other cupboard spaces with beautiful bright cabinet nobs.
Photo via Etsy

Photo via Etsy

  • Red can bring new energy to any room, why not try a colorful glass knot paperweight or a unique stackable tray to bring a pop of energy to your home.
  • Blue can bring a soothing and refreshing feel to any room, this watercress candle from Jonathan Adler would look beautiful in any room. Needing storage for the little things that may be cluttering up your space, find small storage boxes and paint them vivid blue.
Susan Currie Design

Here are some ways to accent your room with color

If you are interested in bringing color into your home, contact Susan Currie Design at 504 237 6112.

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