Cheer Up Your Home with Polka Dots!

Polka dots never go out of style. They enjoy eras of widespread popularity, such as the 1950s, and eras where they’re less prevalent, but they never fade away entirely. These days I’ve noticed polka dots incorporated into all areas of home design.

Walls. You can add colorful or muted dots to wall surfaces. Orderly rows of dots add a more organized pattern, while different sizes and colors of randomly placed circles provide a more playful or avant-garde aesthetic.

Floors. From polka-dotted tiles to carpets with dotted patterns, flooring can be a wonderful way to add polka dots to a space. While tiles are certainly more permanent, rugs can be easily stored, moved from room to room, or changed seasonally.

Furniture. Have a chair you would like to refurbish? Consider reupholstering it in a polka-dotted fabric. A bright red or blue will be a cheerful and sunny addition, while a gray, black, or neutral background can maintain a more somber and muted approach.

Curtains. Dress up your windows with a cheerful polka-dotted curtain. When they are tied back, the patterned print adds a nostalgic and merry accent without overpowering a space.polka dot curtains

Interested in adding polka dots to your interior? Contact Susan Currie Design at 1-888-624-1272.

Images: houzz, Ideas for Interiors

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