Chic Home Organization Ideas

This month is a big one for home organization since many people made it their New Year’s resolution to get organized. I’ve seen a lot of features in my favorite design blogs and magazines that show home organizational ideas that are chic as they are functional. Here are a few of my favorite:

Clutter can be contained throughout the home in nice containers. Trays work wonders on coffee tables for keeping items together, and newspapers and magazines can be stashed in stylish baskets.

Sometimes more storage space will do the trick. Shelving like this featured in House & Home is a great solution.

Go all out and bring order to your drawers; Martha Stewart shows that teacups make gorgeous drawer organizers.

Hopefully these photos inspired you to find beautiful organizational solutions for your home. Here’s to accomplishing those New Year’s resolutions and getting everything in order!

Photos: 1 via Traditional Home; 2 via House & Home; 3 via