Colorful Light Fixtures Spice Up Your Space

People don’t always think about this option, but one great way to add color to a space is with chandeliers and lamps. I’ve come across some beautiful, colorful light fixtures lately that caught my eye.

These two Gaspare Asaro chandeliers on 1stdibs, for example, are both sculptural and stunning. Either would easily make a great design focal point.

Marjorie Skouras Design’s colorful chandeliers, like this Anabelle Pink Jade Empire one, also make a statement.

Let’s not forget that table lamps can add pops of color, too. Look at how this orange one instantly brightens a neutral space.

Here, a peacock blue lamp shade brings out the sky blue tone in the drapery fabric.

There are many ways to add color to your interior design. As you can see, I love the look of colorful and unexpected light fixtures. What do you think?

Images: 1-2 via; 3 via; 4-5 via Houzz, as linked above