Color Story: Nantucket

When we hit the middle of the summer, I start daydreaming about ultimate summer destinations. With abundant ocean breezes, stunning climbing roses, and charming historic architecture, Nantucket is a fantastic place to visit in the summertime.

Let’s take a look for this month’s color story!

Two schemes interact in Nantucket: nature’s palette and the approved paint colors from the local historic district commission.

Nature offers sky blues to deep ocean blues, sandy beiges, and all shades of green. Flower boxes and border gardens introduce a veritable rainbow of hues.

In contrast, the colors approved by the historic district commission are subdued. This allows the surrounding nature to really shine!

Technically, the historic commission will consider any paint color that a constituent proposes. But their pre-approved palette consists of just 11 shades: one gray, one soft pink, a russet, an ochre, a pale yellow, two deep greens, a dark teal, a sage, a dusty blue, and a blue gray. Most houses on the island are clad in unpainted cedar shingles, so the approved shades are often used on shutters, front doors, and trim on the house (read: it’s not much color at all!).

The island, full of understated homes and rambling nature, is utterly charming.

Meliss Meets World