Complementary Color Schemes for Home Design

If you read my blog, then you probably know I like to think about how colors will work together in interior design. Complementary colors, which are opposite hues on the color wheel, are always interesting to use together in a space because they provide great, often dramatic contrast for one another.

Two complementary color combinations I especially love are blue-green and red-orange, as well as violet and yellow. These rooms showcase the palettes perfectly:

Look at the turquoise walls with burnt orange chairs and accents in this kitchen!

Here, a much softer aqua is paired with orange tulips for an equally beautiful look.

In this living area, purple décor looks stunning against a backdrop of buttery yellow walls.

What do you think of using complementary color combinations in home design? Which pair of complementary hues do you love most? Leave a comment to share!

Images via Houzz, as linked above