Cozy Interior Design with Sepia

Dreary weather during the winter makes it important to bring warm tones into interior design for added coziness. Lately I’ve been loving the look of sepia combined with other colors like red, orange, green and blue, and I think these combinations are great for this cold time of year. Here are a few beautiful examples:

Real Simple did a great slideshow on cozy decorating, and this space from the magazine shows sepia with reds, oranges and blues.

Sepia looks great with the turquoise and other neutrals in this sleek hotel lobby.

And here’s a room from my own portfolio. Sepia walls warm up this bath and look crisp surrounded by white molding.

So now I’m wondering: What do you think of these sepia color palettes? Leave a comment to share!

Photos: 1 via Real Simple; 2 unknown; 3 Interior design by Susan Currie Design

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