Creative Window Treatment Ideas to Enhance Your Home

Every once in a while it’s nice to throw out tradition and do things a little differently to spice up your home design. I came across a post on that had some great ideas for unique window treatments. The following are some of my favorite examples.

Swing Arm curtains


Swing arm curtains. I love this idea of swing arm curtains. It works especially well with smaller windows where there really isn’t enough room to really push the curtains to the side, and tying them back is too much trouble. The swinging arm makes it a cinch to “open and close” the curtains.



Intricate panels. Frosted glass is a newer invention for privacy. If you live in an older home and don’t want to sacrifice the historic, clear-glass window panes, an intricate panel will work to provide privacy for a bathroom or bedroom space without sacrificing natural light.

Art hung on the window


Hang art. Do you have so many windows it cuts into your wall space? Why not hang your art right on the windows to enjoy the best of both worlds? Then oversized curtains can be used when privacy is needed.

Let’s have a conversation about creative window treatment ideas we can implement to enhance your New Orleans home.