Decorating with Stripes: Fun Fresh and Bold

Stripes are a fun way to add visual interest and are gaining momentum in home decor trends. If you are brave enough to paint a wall with stripes, kudos to you! Otherwise, there are all kinds of ways to add stripes to a room, and you can go as bold or as muted as your tastes require.Decorating with Stripes A

Paint a wall. If you’ve never done this before, I recommend hiring a professional the first time so you can see exactly how it’s done. The measurements and taping need to be precise or you can spend a good amount of time and energy on imperfect results, but when they’re perfect, they’re stunning.Decorating with Stripes B

Textiles. Not so sure striped walls are for you? How about textiles? Drapes, area rugs, and furniture fabric are all easily changed out when you’re ready for something new. They can be layered or used sparingly depending on the statement you want to make.Decorating with Stripes C

Variations. You can also use variations on stripes, such as chevron patterns for a geometric effect with a twist. Or, take a lighter approach by interspersing wide-set stripes with narrow pin stripes.Decorating with Stripes D

If you would like assistance finding a striped balance in your home design, give me a call at 888-624-1272 today!

Photo Sources: House to Home, Elle Decor

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