Designer Spotlight: John Robshaw Textiles

living room

Adding a pop of color brightens up a space

If you have a style in your home that is fun and eclectic, or perhaps you are looking for gorgeous patterns and fun pops of color to bring life to your home design, there is one designer you may just want to check out.

John Robshaw Textiles designs are full of life.  With vibrant and unique patterns, and a beautiful palette of colors, the pieces are sure to brighten up any interior design.

The pillow collection has a pattern and color scheme, including some of springs top trends, that will suit any home.

  • Patterned pillows include florals, shapes and many different kinds of motifs.
  • From Zebras to Indian animals, his animal cushions bring an exotic feel.
  • In materials ranging from 100% linen to woven abaca (a fiber from stalks of a banana type plant), you are sure to find a fabric that suits your homes needs.

The fabrics used by John Robshaw textiles are like no fabric you have used before.

  • The new poppy collection is made up of intricate patterns and stand out colors.
  • Depending on your home needs, the fabrics are made up of a linen/cotton blend or 100% linen.
  • Beautiful fabrics that will turn any chair, cushion or even headboard in your home into a eye grabbing piece.

For help choosing the right textiles for your home, whether it be a brightly colored cushion or wonderful fabric turned into eye drawing custom window treatment, contact the experts in interior design today. Call Susan Currie Design at 504-237-6112 or find our services online.


image via Susan Currie Design