Draperies Add Color, Drama and Texture

Draperies are a wonderful design accessory because they can serve a number of functions, like adding color, drama or texture to a room. I recently moved into a new apartment which neutral walls and guess how I am planning to add all these design elements.  That’s right with some gorgeous aubergine silk draperies.  I can’t wait to share the before and after pictures with you!  And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ve compiled some great photos of draperies that complete the look of a space.

These drapes have a dramatic pop of yellow on the edges, drawing color from the sunny throw pillows and chairs in the seating area.

These drapes bring an unexpected and dramatic touch to this office area.

Draperies behind this headboard offer great drama and texture.

These drapes bring in sheen for extra visual interest.

What do you think of using drapes to make a room more interesting? Do you have colorful and dramatic drapes in your home?

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Images via Houzz, as linked above

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