“Susan not only has an incredible eye, she has great listening ears. We have worked with several designers through the years, but Susan stands out in her capacity to understand what we wanted to capture, even though we weren’t confident in how to express it. Her vision for our spaces was soft but not feminine, light but not bland – utterly peaceful and usable. We could not be happier with what she did for us.” – Lizanne Thomas

“Finding a new decorator can be a daunting task, but we took a leap of faith with Susan, and I’m so glad we did. She was there absolutely every step of the way for us throughout our project and really earned our trust. Immediately, I recognized how well we meshed and how the clean lines and smart blending of styles, prominent in her designs, would work for us. It was really a seamless process working with Susan, even with two teenagers and a dog in the midst of the project. We were also so grateful to not have been overwhelmed with options, but rather offered edited selections, many of which were tough and resistant to heavy traffic. Of course, we ended up loving it all!” – Tricia King

“Susan was an important part of our renovation team. Her attention to detail, ability to correct potential issues before they became problems, and excellent follow-through were all invaluable assets to our project. She ensured good communication between all involved parties and provided a full range of services with her solid expertise. Susan is a hardworking, creative professional who I truly valued working with.” – Margaret Benjamin

“With Susan’s excellent guidance, we were able to make good choices and maximize our budget to get a kitchen beyond our expectations. We were extremely impressed with Susan’s patient professionalism and no-nonsense attitude. Her designs offer just the right touch of flair needed to make a memorable statement. Most of all, we appreciated how Susan suggested elements to the design we hadn’t thought of and were very impressed with her planning, up-front, for the project, something that provided crucial for a smooth renovation. Susan’s eye for detail was invaluable, and beyond creating a beautiful space, she was able to greatly add to the kitchen’s functionality. We couldn’t have don’t it without her and look forward to enjoying it for years to come!” – Donna & Greg Faulkner