“Evolve” KBIS 2013

KBIS 2013

Photo via www.kbis365.com

We love getting out to see new ideas for kitchen and bath design.  We’re taking advantage of the KBIS “Evolve” event this weekend, April 19th through the 21st, in New Orleans. KBIS stands for the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show and it’s something no interior designer should miss.

We’re experiencing interactive showcases of everything innovative and exciting in the kitchen and bath design world including:

  • First time exhibitions for the hottest kitchen and bath trends/products.
  • Expert presentations and speeches from kitchen/bath design and industry professionals.
  • The latest information on energy- and water efficient features for green building and design.
  • The Best of KBIS – Can’t make up your mind between specific products and/or manufacturers? The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show has selected the best of the best for you, and they will all be located under one roof.

It’s exciting to have the best of the industry in New Orleans and we can’t wait to share new trends and design ideas with our clients? If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, please think about calling us at  Susan Currie to help with planning your project!

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