Fashion Influence: Deco Décor

You may remember that I’m doing something special this month on the blog; many of my March posts will be focused on fashion and its influence on interior design.

Today’s post will focus on Art Deco style, a look that was a big part of Gucci’s Spring 2012 collection.

You can see the sharp edges juxtaposed with feminine touches like pearls, floral motifs and feathers reminiscent of 1920s flappers. Art Deco is all about geometry and glitz, like the gold and chrome tones mixed with lacquered black in Gucci’s designs.

I also look to Art Deco architecture for inspiration, which often includes repetition of pattern. I’m immediately drawn to architecture in New York like the Chrysler Building and Rockefeller Center.

Chrysler Building

And, of course, Art Deco influences can be found in interior design and home decor as well. Think mirrors and geometry.

Wisteria's Antiqued Art Deco Coffee Table

This is an updated Art Deco space.

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