Fashion Influence: Opposites Attract in Design

You may remember that I’m doing something special this month on the blog; many of my March posts will be focused on fashion and its influence on interior design.

What’s more striking than the high contrast of black and white?! I love to see these opposite values together, both on the runway and in the home. Incorporating graphics and geometric shapes is a great way to add interest to a black-and-white interior space, and you can also consider adding a pop of gold to glam it up!

Take a look at these designs from Libertine’s fashion collection to get your imagination going on how to use black and white in your home, and maybe even use them to inspire a new outfit in your wardrobe while you’re at it!

As far as interiors go, this space (below) is such an inviting room, and it’s all done with the use of black and white. The bookcase is simple while adding geometry and height to fill the expanse of the room. The gold-toned floors also add that spark of warmth, and there’s more great geometry with the herringbone pattern.

This a great way to make a statement with a collection of black-and-white photos and art.

And how about this fun foyer with graphic wallpaper used as a focal point? I think it’s very chic!

Here, subtly patterned black wallpaper adds visual interest to this contrasting palette.

What do you think of using black and white in home design? Leave a comment to let me know.

Images: 1 via; 2 via Houzz; 3 via decorpad; 4 via decorpad; 5 via Houzz