Filling Out Empty Corners

Have you ever thought what do I do with this corner in my home?  A corner can cause a hiccup for home designers and in a small space, corners can seem even more daunting because there isn’t enough room to place a piece of furniture with a standing plant or lamp behind it.

This article has great tips for filling empty room corners with style, even in a small space.

house plant

Source: Houzz

Plants. Tall house plants are a simple way to fill corners. An attractive pot, a bag of potting soil, and weekly to bi-weekly watering are all you need to keep most house plants thriving.

dining room

Source: Houzz

Corner shelves. There are so many different types of shelves or cabinets, designed to fit snugly into a square corner. Some are designed to be highly functional such as a pantry, china or linen cabinet. Other corner shelves can be used as a combination of function and artistry, like this cheerfully painted pyramid-style unit.


Source: Houzz

Reading nook. A chair and a small table are all that you need to create a sweet little reading nook. You can also keep your eye out for a corner table or desk to transform a corner into a small working space.

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