Gretchen Bellinger’s Festive Net Fortune Fabric: Perfect for 2012!

As we ring in 2012, we look to beginning a new and prosperous year—one that will bring us good fortune!

Many of us follow traditions to bring good luck and fortune, including eating black-eyed peas. Believe it or not, in New Orleans, cabbage is thought to give financial prosperity.

Speaking of good fortune, I recently found out about Gretchen Bellinger‘s new textile introduction, Net Fortune. It’s a wonderfully colorful and festive fabric that shimmers with sequins.

Gretchen Bellinger Net Fortune

This creative textile is definitely going on my list to use in 2012, and I think it’s the perfect inspiration to begin the new year!  Doesn’t it remind you of the colorful confetti that streams down from Times Square in New York City at the stroke of midnight?

Think of the creative ways to use it in design. It could add sparkle, color and sophistication to any room as accent pillows.  Or it could be paired as a sheer window treatment with gorgeous draperies—giving a new colorful twist to sheers!

I wish you all a wonderful 2012 filled with good fortune!  Happy New Year!

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