Help Those Affected By Hurricane Isaac

A home contributes to being content and to feeling safe and it’s one of the largest investments that we can make. Unfortunately Hurricane Isaac put people living along the Gulf of Mexico at risk.  It was seven years to the day since Hurricane Katrina hit the greater New Orleans area and the Mississippi Gulf Coast as Isaac forged his destructive path.

Many homes were damaged or destroyed as Isaac creeped along leaving people facing the daunting task to recover and rebuild.  Some residents evacuated before the storm making sure they were safe.   Others that decided to stay behind, sought safety in their attics. Waiting for the water levels to recede. Many had to be rescued by neighbors and relief workers.

While the citizens of Louisiana and Mississippi try to reestablish some normalcy and recover from Hurricane Issac, the American Red Cross has been working around the clock providing assistance to those in affected by Issac. I am so lucky to be able to be part of this great organization. The American Red Cross helps provide clean-up kits after a disaster, food, clean water and emotional support to our neighbors in need. They also provide shelter to those whose home is uninhabitable. You can help make a difference by donating to the Red Cross here in New Orleans. To find out more please visit the American Red Cross.  You’ll be helping people recover so they can start to rebuild their lives and their homes.

Safe Shelter with the Red Cross


Mobile Units Go Into Neighbors To Offer Assistance


Red Cross Volunteers from Mexico Help After Isaac

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