How Do Colors Affect Behavior? Choosing Paint for Kids’ Rooms

When you begin searching for color inspiration for your child’s room, it can be a daunting challenge. With a nearly unlimited palette, I personally find it intimidating to choose the perfect color to make the room feel just right. Fortunately, a little color psychology can help you the way it has helped me.

childrens room
Source: AMDG Architects via Houzz

High Energy

The warm colors include reds, yellows, oranges and even yellow-green, and their effect tends to be one of high energy. When I painted a room bright orange, it became overwhelming and I had to tone it down to avoid having it be too energetic. For a child’s room, a subdued orange or yellow is sociable without acting like a constant sugar high.

childrens room
Source: Crisp Architects via Houzz

Relaxation and Focus

Blue, purple and green are cool colors, and they are great for relaxing and unwinding. Even a child needs low-key moments, and blue is great for toning down the space. When I painted a room green, I noticed immediately that it became a more neutral place for reading and creativity. Accented with warm colors, cool colors can work wonders.

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