How to Make a Home Coffee Bar

We’ve seen a significant uptick in clients’ requests for a home coffee bar, so we have put together a few of our favorite ways to create a grab-n-go coffee that will make you feel like you’re at your favorite coffee shop, instead of at home!

A fresh cup of coffee never goes out of style — but cluttered cabinets full of K-Cups and unopened coffee bags certainly do. These work-ready coffee bar ideas will help you streamline your morning routine, ultimately taking the chaos out of your daily caffeine boost. 

Step One: Pick A Space

Our first step is straightforward: carve out space in your home (think empty kitchen cabinets, accessible countertops, or mobile bar carts) and fill it with everything you need to make a coffee shop-worthy drink. Work with what you’ve already got by transforming a slim cabinet into a makeshift coffee station. You can also clear out an old cabinet and load it with labeled organizers and baskets. If you prefer making your morning brew with a pourover and French press, then a mobile coffee cart is your best bet, especially because you don’t have to worry about keeping it near an outlet. 

Step Two: Add Coffee Maker & Mugs 

Making a cup of coffee now requires minimal effort, and many of us feel free to indulge in our favorite hot beverage throughout the day, as opposed to just in the morning. Keurigs have become a kitchen staple, but we also have clients that adore their home espresso machines. Stash all the basics, including your favorite travel mugs for grab-and-go days. We like to keep 8-12 simple white coffee mugs at our station. You can often find these very inexpensively at your local Crate & Barrel. We are big fans of these mugs from Burke Decor, which have a stylish modern twist on your basic white mug. You’ll want enough mugs in the coffee bar area for guests, too, rather than digging out mismatched mugs from other kitchen cabinets. 

If you have limited counter space or drawers, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a coffee station in your kitchen. Instead, take advantage of vertical space! Hanging shelves of different shapes and sizes on the wall to house mugs, coffee spoons, and other accessories.

Step Three: Decorate

Make sure your coffee station aligns with the rest of your home’s aesthetic by incorporating coordinating geometric prints, faux greenery, and chic canisters. Cover any imperfections with baskets, jars, and an assortment of monochromatic mugs. Avoid a cluttered look by keeping everything — coffee maker, sugar bowl, creamer, and mugs — in the same color. You can then add in unique accent pieces to add a little personality. Your DIY coffee bar can be a great accent piece in homes of all styles, including farmhouse and modern interiors. 

Susan Currie Designs

Pro Tip: If you’re inclined toward a midday or nighttime pick-me-up, opt for a bar cart that you can roll from one room to the next, or even take outdoors when the weather permits. That way, nothing will get in between you and your true love: coffee. 

We’d love to know if you add a coffee bar space to your home. Curious about how we can help you update your home to be more functional? Email us at