How to Select the Perfect Stone for Your Color Palette

Marmi Calacatta Gold Marble

When I began working on my concept for my Inspiration House bathroom design, selecting the stone for the vanity was a key element. I wanted a stone with colors that complemented the room’s other finishes. Marmi Natural Stone is my source for stone, and I love the variety in their inventory because they find unique quartz, marble and granite from quarries around the world.

Personal preference is a major contributor when selecting the color of the stone. People should choose a pattern and color they love so they can enjoy it for a long time.

I’m always fascinated by how our clients choose their stone color. For those who love stone and want the stone to be a focal point, they choose their stone early in the process and allow the color palette suggested by the stone to drive the completion of their design process.

“When clients come into the showroom and they have already chosen paint, fabric and tile selections, they are looking for stone that complements and completes their design. This usually takes a bit longer, but stone offers such a wide range of color and movement that it proves to be an enjoyable process.”     Judy Talley, Marmi Natural Stone

One of the most important elements in choosing stone is selecting it in person since there will be interesting variations in every slab.

Happy stone hunting, and don’t forget to come see the fabulous Calacatta Gold honed marble I selected for my design at the Inspiration House in Atlanta next year! The premier is on Jan. 29, followed by tours on Jan. 29, Feb. 2-5 and Feb. 9-12.

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