Ideas to Brew Your
Own Home Coffee Bar

We are receiving more client requests for home coffee bars, so here are some of our favorite ways to create the perfect place to make a freshly brewed cup of coffee or espresso, as if you are at your favorite coffee shop!

These work-ready coffee bar ideas can streamline your morning routine, ultimately taking the chaos out of your daily caffeine boost.

Pick A Space

Carve out space in your home. Work with what you have by transforming a slim cabinet or countertop area into a makeshift coffee station. Consider turning a less used side table or bar cart into a small coffee station. This could be the perfect solution to serving desserts with coffee and your favorite after-dinner drink for friends at your next dinner party.

Add Containers & Coffeemaker

Select containers or baskets to hold what you need to brew and then prepare your favorite Cup of Joe. Make it easy to reach for sugar or creamer.  You still need space for cups whether it’s a one-cup Keurig or Nespresso or a full-espresso machine. Consider built-in cubbies or hanging shelves to house mugs, coffee spoons, and other accessories.

Consider a Built-In Coffee Bar

For coffee connoisseur who wants a luxury built-in coffee, add a coffee station in your kitchen. There are great brands to consider for a gourmet coffee machine. Consult with your interior designer who can research the best options and arrange visits to local showrooms to see and try out in person. By adding a built-in coffee machine, you add a bit of luxury to your kitchen that can be enjoyed for years!

We would love to assist you if you are curious about how to add a coffee bar to your home or need help updating your kitchen.

Please reach out to us.

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