Kick Off Your Year with Style

img_7637-edit-edit-2With the holidays over, many people find themselves in a decorating bind. The bright lights and decorations are gone, and many new gifts and household items have been acquired. As such, it can be difficult to keep everything tidy in the wake of the new year. If your resolution is to get (and stay) organized this year, consider taking interior design ideas from me, a trained and professional designer.

The benefits of bringing in a professional are immense. For some, tackling the job alone can be quite daunting. Do you start with your closets, your drawers, or that spare bedroom? With my focused and trained eye, we can work through the particular issues of your home one by one. This ensures every problem area is tackled without sacrificing your input or style.

One frequent problem I can address in your home is lack of space. I am a devout believer in maximizing the space you have available. For instance, if your contacts are spread over multiple books with numerous crossed out numbers and addresses (as phones and homes change), consider computerizing. The paperless method will save you hassle, time, and space. Along with an impeccable eye for color, contrast, and texture, these practical tips supplement my designing advice.

If you’re interested in updating, redesigning, or organizing your home, please call me at 888-624-1272. Primarily serving the New Orleans and Atlanta areas, I’m happy to provide interior design ideas for your commercial, residential, or outdoor living project.